City Of Oasis

Based out of Far Rockaway, NY, Pastor Jonathan Mack needed a fresh identity for his church, City of Oasis. For the past 3 years, we’ve developed branded concepts to build on his ministry’s look and feel. With a primarily youth demographic among a vast number of traditional churches in the area, we wanted to make sure that the City of Oasis brand held it’s own among both the youth and more established ministries.

Nitika Chopra Show Opener

We’ve been working with Nitika Chopra for quite some time now throughout the evolution of Burst TV, Your Bella Life and finally the newly realized Nitika Chopra brand. With a brand new identity and website, she was in need of a new intro and outro for her lifestyle videos.

#WorshipInMyCity | Concert Series

Danielle Lewis and the Pure Worship Band started a new concert series, entitled, #WorshipInMyCity. The concert need epic visuals to go with the dynamic sound coming from the like of Danielle Lewis, MisFit Republic and Pastor Chris Durso. Animated visuals were created to stay in line with the overall look and feel of the event’s branding. A custom countdown video was also created to signal the start of the event.


Priceless, Holla Back Music Group rapper and Brooklyn native came to us in need of a brand overhaul; new brand, website and motion graphics package. Playing on the concept of his stage name, we played with various barcode ideas until we got the right one. A landing page to promote his singles was needed as well as design for the cover art.

The Opener video is currenty used as a precursor to all of his visual treatments.

Fill Me Up Lyric Video | Danielle Lewis & PWB

Lyric video created for Danielle Lewis & The Pure Worship Band’s cover of Jesus Culture’s “Fill Me Up.” The visuals done in Adobe After Effects with an assortment of stock video composites.

Song: Fill Me Up (cover)
Performed By: Danielle Lewis & The Pure Worship Band
Animation: Ryan Wilson for 3rd Lounge Inc.

This video is solely for promotional purposes only. Fill Me Up is copyright its respective owners.

Jay Lex

We created an intro video developed for Brooklyn based music artist, Jay Lex. He needed a simple, catchy and effective way of animating his logo for video content. We animated the logo which doubles as both a minimalistic NYC skyline as well as audio levels.

DMG Single Release

Bright colors… Good music…

Destiny Music Group founder Gary Coach came to us another time to develop the visuals for their Single Release event. The challenge was to create a visual identity to for the event itself which eventually developed into the permanent visual look for the DMG brand.

A motion graphics package was developed with an opener as well as visual tags that played throughout the event. Saturated colors plus rapid movement were incorporated into the piece to attract the predominantly young demographic.

Danielle Lewis & PWB

Danielle Lewis is multi-talented singer, songwriter, entreprenuer, mogul, mentor and co-CEO of A-Minor Musik Group. Working closely with Danielle, we were able to develop the brand for her music ministry, Purely Danielle Ministries. Inspired from her first commercially released album art, we were able to transform a mere solid design to an ever-growing brand identity.

The website, has undergone numerous evolutionary steps as well. Originally designed with a predominantly purple design, over time, the brand as well as all other design elements ventured into the orange color scheme seen throughout all her brand material. The orange is indicative of her warm, rich personality.

Danielle’s brand continues to grow with the introduction of her live band, The Pure Worship Band. The PWB brand now boasts a pink and black color scheme which is a balance of Danielle’s woman’s woman personality plus the seriousness of her dynamic band.