Bella Life

New website means new video intro! We had been working with Bella Life’s Nitika Chopra for over a year and a new design to her website warranted new motion graphics for her BellaTV webseries. Just like the previously designed intro for her former BurstTV segment, we wanted to bring about a very colorful piece that would align with the high energy and playfully fun brand.

Faith Church Theater Promo

To build awareness of their new location at a local movie theater and to attract a new demographic, a promotional commercial was developed for Faith Church. Now housing worship services at Bow Tie Cinemas in Long Island, the commercial was created specifically for the actual theater which continually plays before the previews. The design integrates the use of kinetic typography along with Faith Church’s brand colors and the voice of Robert Arno.

Fill Me Up Lyric Video | Danielle Lewis & PWB

Lyric video created for Danielle Lewis & The Pure Worship Band’s cover of Jesus Culture’s “Fill Me Up.” The visuals done in Adobe After Effects with an assortment of stock video composites.

Song: Fill Me Up (cover)
Performed By: Danielle Lewis & The Pure Worship Band

Animation: Ryan Wilson for 3rd Lounge Inc.

This video is solely for promotional purposes only. Fill Me Up is copyright its respective owners.

GLOW Conference 2012

We teamed up with visionary and activist James R. Mackey and the Helping End Violence Now coalition to create a spectacular identity package for the GLOW Conference 2012.

Building on the identity we created just a year prior, we sought to captivate their youthful audience with bold and bright colors. Motion graphics were developed for trailer and used to promote the event.

#WorshipInMyCity | Concert Series

Danielle Lewis and the Pure Worship Band started a new concert series, entitled, #WorshipInMyCity. The concert need epic visuals to go with the dynamic sound coming from the like of Danielle Lewis, MisFit Republic and Pastor Chris Durso. Animated visuals were created to stay in line with the overall look and feel of the event’s branding. A custom countdown video was also created to signal the start of the event.

#WIMC Concert Graphics

IMBC 2015

The Inaxxs Group held it’s very first music conference, IMBC2015. The conference looks to empower and educate artists on the business side of music. 3rd Lounge was responsible for all motion graphics featured during the conference as well as a 25 second teaser and 55 second trailer. Presentation graphics were also developed along with a promo for a compilation disk of artists.

All motion was developed entirely in Adobe After Effects and we were responsible for the visual assets that will be reused for future conferences. As a member of the IMBC board, our Creative Director Ryan Wilson is now the Creative Brand Developer for the group. Below are the style frames for the trailer as well as the other visual content developed for the conference.

IMBC2015 Teaser